My photography explores the various ways we perceive the landscape. I bring to this arena a passionate background in earth science, a holistic approach toward ecosystem interpretation, and a compelling desire to improve upon the ways with which the camera can visually communicate the interrelationships inherent to our physical reality.  I hope to render the photograph in a way that is more aligned with our own visual perceptions, while subsequently satisfying our human penchant to categorize the world through multiple perspectives.  I employ the camera as a gathering tool, varying position and movement to complement our human response to visual stimuli.  Through itinerant encounters or deliberate transects, my photography addresses multiple scales and systems, while using cultural, geological and ecological interactions to contextualize multi-disciplinary associations.  My techniques embrace a wealth of viewpoints - through the selection and reconstitution of multiple images – in order to provide a more comprehensive perspective on the physical world.  By selecting, delimiting, deconstructing, and digitally re-composing spatial affiliations, I incorporate variable vanishing points within a composition to challenge conventional Renaissance perspective and paradigm.  A multiperspectival position can call attention to undisclosed phenomena and relationships.  With this understanding, I seek to illustrate, photographically, the complexities of our engagement with the landscape through multiple-image composition.

Christian Farnsworth

Artist Statement





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